About Chateau l'Argeles

The salt industry has been at the heart of the towns prosperity since the 4th century. Salies du Salines (Salts of salt industry) as the town was originally known shipped salt throughout the whole of France.

The Chateau was built at the end of the 1800’s for the new director of the salt industry. It’s rather grandiose style emphasises the importance of the industry and the new director. With only three previous owners the house hasn’t changed significantly until the end of the 1920’s when the back terrace was built on, enlarging the house to five bedrooms.

The recent renovations have attempted to restore the Chateau to the original décor at the same time modernising the basic infrastructure. The decoration style has been kept with the use of wallpaper sympathetic of the time of construction. The installation of private bathrooms has been stylishly introduced for the comfort of the guests. The sitting room with its wood fire and tiled floor is a perfect place for the guests to relax during the day or before going into dinner.

We look forward to welcoming you to the petit Chateau l’Argeles in Salies-du-Salat for your visit to Haute-Garonne.

Rowan is the proprietor of Chateau l’Argeles, he will be on hand to welcome you during your stay and is happy to tell you about the area and recommend some things to do and see during your stay.

chateau de largeles chambres dhotes salies du salat 1910